Stock Management System

Stock Management System

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A user friendly inventory management system. Suits for any outlet that sell products. This system has number of features that can be selected for your requirement. Producing invoices, quotations, job notes, credit notes, etc saves tons of hours of your valuable time.

Mainly this system comes in 2 versions.

The first one is usual stock management system. Items added to the stock can be invoiced as most inventory systems.

The other type is serial number driven system. Each item has a unique number to identify. Just like IMEI number on mobile phones. This is very important when claiming warranty.All details such as sales date, warranty period, supplier of the item, etc are bound to that unique serial number.

Ideal for mobile phone outlets, computers and accessories outlets, home appliances outlets, motor spare parts shops, etc.

Another useful feature that can be included additionally is easy payment system. When a sale done the amount can be paid in installments. The system handles everything for you. System will take care all records for your convenience.

Producing quotations is another useful feature. All quotations are saved permanently on the system and when required they can be viewed in seconds using our user friendly filtering system.

Automatic generation of trial balance, balance sheet, cash book and other informative reports make this system very popular among our clients. They really like it because of the non complexity.

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