Web DesigningIf you own a business, or if you are a service provider, the Internet is a platform to tell the world about what it does. The best and cheapest way to accomplish that task is to create a website. This is where our web designing team will come to help you.

We are professional web designers and developers. Since our start in 2007 we are able to maintain the quality and high standard of our designs.

Use of Latest Technology

Web designing field is growing rapidly. New features are implemented day by day. We were able to stay on top of the field from 2007 to date because we were able to keep up with that day-to-day innovation in web designing industry.

Anyone can learn how to design/develop a web site. But being a professional web designer/developer is a tough task. Our team consist of experts in web designing. Prior to launching a design, we closely monitor its quality and professionalism. To do this, we use some of our own criteria. No matter how urgent, we do not give our customers a design that is not subject to those criteria. So you should not have any doubts about the quality of the website we set up.

Search Engine Optimization

Google SearchAnother most important factor when designing a website is it’s compatibility with Google terms. As we all know Google is a search engine that find and list websites according to our searcn term. If your site is not compatible with Google terms, your site will not come up in search results. Google requires your site uses modern technology as well as compatible with their other terms.

We at FineBit Software will develop your website in fully compliance with Google terms. Hence almost all of our web sites ranked on top of Google. Ranking on Google means you will get more visitors into your website and therefor you will get more business.

After Service
About 65% of the world’s websites are currently inactive. The main reason for this is that the people who created them do not provide any after sales service. Even the phone numbers of most web designers are not working. In such cases, consumers are helpless.

We are happy to inform you that we will do our best to maintain the websites we create for you. That’s why we are still here since 2007. We will update contents, add new photos, etc for free of charge in most cases. But if it’s a big deal, we will charge a reasonable fee for it. You can get a quotation for the task in such cases.

Contact us

Considering these facts if you feel that we are good enough to design your website, please do not hesitate to contact us via +94 71 800 6600. We are available on Viber / Whatsapp 24/7

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